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Helpful information about chopping boards

How to care for your chopping boards

Use my chopping board conditioner which is made from natural food safe mineral oils and bee’s wax

Simply clean your Chopping Board with soapy water and air-dry overnight

Use a small clean cloth to rub in the emulsion evenly

Leave your Chopping Board until dry and then wipe off excess with a clean cloth to polish

Now you are ready to go with a protected and food safe Chopping board

Will be able to do many coats as often as needed


All of my Kitchen products and Chopping Boards are made from Solid Natural Timber.

Either milled from windblown Native Timber or Timber that would normally be bound for the landfill

As a builder I have seen so much waste in our industry. The building industry creates the most landfill than any other sector. That's shamefull.

Woodnbits litterally uses bits of wood that normally thrown out.

From exotic species that are no longer any use to a joiner through demolised houses and even pine pallets and shipping spacers that I turn into chopping boards

Animal Houses and shelters

Using my experience from 45 years in the building industry and having once owned and developed my own lifestyle property in Canterbury .

I have picked up extensive knowledge and innovations for the design and construction of my animal shelters.

They have to be comfortable for their guests and also practible for their owners.

Solid Strong and Durable 

All made from treated timber and galvanised or stainless steel fixings and hardware these products will last for many many years

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